1: Record Sleeves
In Concert



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C/O Tim Maher. Taken at a gig they did in a sports hall in Cambridge on 18th October 1980.


C/O William Wilson. Taken backstage in a club called "Cardinal Follies"(an old church) in Glasgow after the joint gig featuring both Billy and Paul Haig in 1986.


C/O Carl Edwards. If I'm not mistaken if you look closely you'll realise that ALL the Wild And Lonely single covers are taken this one session apart from Fever.


Another two c/o Gilbert Blecken. One more from this series to follow shortly.


Photos by kind permission of Mark McKinley, taken in Birmingham 1985. That's Mark's wife Andrea in the photo.


From the Gay Times
October 1999
Record company promo pic 1984
Taken at his mother's 50th birthday bash courtesy and (c) Sandra Hutchison


Ice Cream Factory & Waiting For The Loveboat adverts


Billy and his whippets courtesy and (c) Linda Wren 1989
These appear courtesy and (c) Gilbert Blecken 1994
With thanks & (c) Angelika Peintner.
Taken at Ronnie Scotts December 1984.
From Ian Nipper, taken at the book launch. From l-r Craig Burton, Alan Rankine, Michael Dempsey, Ian and Tanya.

Various magazine photos

A touched up (by me) drawing

No words needed