About Me
updated 28/1/01
Just a little section about me, purely for ego purposes, before you continue with the interesting stuff.

My name is Alex Bunch and I am from the town of Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, England. I was born on 3rd November 1969. I first got into Billy and The Associates in 1987 when I first heard his version of Blondie's Heart of Glass. I thought what a voice, I've got to get more of this! So on vinyl I found the albums Fourth Drawer Down, The Affectionate Punch, Sulk and Perhaps and as many 12" singles as I could and was permanently entranced.

I suffer from the disease Cystic Fibrosis which affects the lungs and digestive system mostly and had to give up work because of deteriorating health a couple of years ago. I finally got onto this net caper 2 years ago. I was very surprised to find no dedicated Billy sites at the time and so set out to start one up. I use Claris Home Page 3 for this site but might learn a bit of HTML if necessary (or if I can be bothered!).

I had a combined lung & heart transplant on Christmas day 2000 and at the time of writing feel better than I had done in many years!


NEW UPDATE 4:30am 31st Jan 2002

What a shit year this has been for me. In and out of hospital with more chest infections than I've previously ever had. The infections have damaged the new lungs reducing them by nearly a litre. Now I've just found out the bugs in the lungs (which will never go away) are immune to the most commonly used drugs.

What's the point any more? I've been fighting this illness all my life and the one thing I thought would make a difference has turned into a living nightmare.

The one good thing that could have come out of this was that just before my operation I met a girl, Jayne, who also had Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and after my op we became close over the phone whilst I was recovering in hospital and then fell in love after I got out. I'd finally fallen in love for the first time in my life and met someone I wanted to marry and be with forever (which I'd never believed in being a cynical bastard). Then my consultant told me we shouldn't be together because the danger of cross-infection was to great! I mean how much bad luck can I have? So we split up. We are still deeply in love and that's never going to go away and we talk at least three times a day but it's tearing me apart not being able to be with her.

Anyway, that's why the updates for the last year have been pretty poor compared to when I started this site. I'm trying to motivatre myself but it's so hard.


NEW UPDATE 23:00pm 24th Jan 2003

Same old rubbish year health wise although mentally I feel happier or should that be not as depressed? Soon after the above update Jayne and I got back together and things are as great as ever.

Thanks for listening,